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Training Module Overview

An Overview of the Training module in Toolbox


The 'Training' module is about making sure everyone has the right competencies they need to get the job done correctly and safely. This includes - Inductions, - Licences, - Tickets, - Cards,

plus any other internal, on-the-job, and external training.

First, define the required competencies for each role in your organisation and then assign each person a role (or roles). This sets which competencies each person requires.

A Job can be assigned to multiple employees (e.g. you have 20 'Drivers'). One employee can have several roles assigned to them (e.g. Alex is primarily the 'Production Manager' and also acts as the 'Safety Representative')

Upload training records for all the licences and tickets your people already have. Then check the built-in gap analysis in Toolbox to see who is missing what, and start to plan their training.

Toolbox tracks Expiry dates for training records and will let you know when you need to schedule a refresher.

The Training module is optional in Toolbox, so if you don't see it in your project, ask your project manager about adding it. This module has more restricted access than the other modules, since it can contain sensitive information. If you can't see the Training module, it is possible that you have not been granted access. The project Manager can control who has access to the Training module in the 'Team' settings area.

If you already know what competencies you need to track and how they match with the different roles, then the best order to add things is:

  1. Competencies
  2. Jobs
  3. Employees
  4. Training records.

If you're working it all out as you go along, then add the content in any order that makes sense to you, but expect some back and forth to link things together.

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