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Add a Job

Adding a Job in Toolbox


A Job in Toolbox contains a brief description of the role and sets the competency requirements. For example, the First Aid Officer (Job) must hold a First Aid Certificate (Competency).

An employee can hold several 'Jobs' or roles - each with their own requirements.

If you have already written a Job Description (e.g. for advertising the position), you can attach the file to the Job in Toolbox.

Under the Training module (light blue toolbar), open the Jobs tab and click on '+ Add Job'.


A window will open for you to enter the details.


Job Title: (Required) Enter the Job Title or a brief descriptive title for the role.

  • Description: Describe the functions of this role. You can include full details, or just a summary with the details contained in the attached file.
  • Attachments: If you have separate Job Descriptions, upload the file here.
  • Competencies: Select which competencies are required for this role. Click inside the field to see the pop-up list of competencies and choose the one you want to add. This list contains Competencies you have already added to the Training module. If you start typing, Toolbox will filter out matching terms. To select another required competency, click inside the field again. To remove a competency, click on the 'x' next to the term you want to remove.
  • Supervises: Select the Jobs that must report to this Job.
  • Click on Add to save the new Job.

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