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Add a Training Record

Adding a Training Record


A Training Record in Toolbox 'ticks off' required competencies, or can simply register what skills your employees have.

Some qualifications have expiry dates, and Toolbox helps you keep track of these.

To add a Training Record, you need to have at least one Competency and one Employee already added to Toolbox.

Add a Training Record from the Records tab

Under the Training module (light blue toolbar), open the Records tab and click on '+ Add Training Record'.


A window will open for you to enter the details. Items marked with * are required.


Employee: (Required) Select the Employee this record is for.

  • Record Date: (Required) Enter the date the competency was attained. E.g. The first aid certificate was issued on Jan 18, so Jan 18 is the Record Date, even though you may be adding it at a later date.
  • Competency: (Required) Select the Competency attained. A limited number of competencies will display in the dropdown menu. Start typing for Toolbox to display matching search results.
  • Expires: If the training record shows an expiry date, or 'valid until', enter the date the competency will no longer be valid. This may be entered automatically if the competency you choose has a default set.
  • Notes: Add any comments. You might choose to enter the licence number so that it is easy to access without downloading the attachment.
  • Attachment: (one file only) Upload a copy of the certificate, licence, ticket, or any other kind of evidence you have for this training record.
  • Click on Add to save the new Training Record.

Add a Training Record from the Person view.

If you're viewing a Person in the Training module, you'll see an "+ Add Record" button over to the right. When you click on this button, the employee field will already be completed for you.


On the 'Requirements' tab and the 'Gaps' tab, you'll only see an "+ Add Record" button if there's something missing.


Add a Training Record via Email

Each competency set up in Toolbox has a unique email address assigned to it. You can use this email address to send training records into Toolbox for this competency.

Here are more details on how to email in training records

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