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Adding a Competency


A competency can be a formal qualification, or skill or piece of knowledge. A license, or ‘ticket’ is a competency; knowing how to perform a specific task could also be a competency. For example: - Licensed Forklift Operator - Process orders according to Company Procedure - Trade qualified Electrical Fitter - Develop Pivot tables in MS Excel - Certificate III in Hospitality - General Construction Induction White Card

Competencies can be acquired through formal training, on-the-job mentoring, or experience gained over time.

Work out which competencies are important to your business, i.e. they affect your product or service, your customer experience, impact safety, or are legal / regulatory requirements. Then add these competencies to Toolbox.

Under the Training module (light blue toolbar), open the Competencies tab and click on '+ Add Competency'.


A window will open for you to enter the details.


Name: (Required) Enter a title for this competency.

  • Description: (Required) Add any extra details to describe this competency.
  • Click on Add to save the new Competency.

Competency Requirements are defined in 'Jobs'.

Employees hold a competency through a 'Training Record'.

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