Injury Reporting Software

Ensure that safety issues are dealt with and not ignored or forgotten

1. Easy to report injuries

Staff at all levels can report injuries, MTI, LTI, First Aid, Near Miss, directly into Toolbox from a desktop or mobile device with no delays or paperwork.

Use your device’s dictation functions to quickly tell Toolbox about the situation, and attach photos and files to capture the scene.

With Quality Systems Toolbox, there’s transparency on what happens afterwards so staff can see that safety issues are dealt with and not ignored or forgotten.


2. Visibility for progress and accountability

Injury reporting software is better than fileservers and spreadsheets. Toolbox keeps the injury report, evidence, investigation and corrective actions all in the one place with no need to re-write or copy information to the next form or to an injuries register spreadsheet.

With better visibility in Quality Systems Toolbox it’s clear who is responsible for taking action and it’s easy to track progress.

3. Work together to improve safety

Staff spend their valuable time investigating incidents and improving processes to get ahead of the next incident, instead of time spent extracting data and compiling reports that are always live and up-to-date in Quality Systems Toolbox.

Toolbox facilitates participation and consultation allowing cross-functional teams to work together on solving difficult safety issues, and makes it easy to communicate and share the solutions across different parts of the organisation.


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