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Expired Training Records

What happens with training records that have expired?


Some qualifications will only be valid for a limited time. Toolbox keeps track of these expiry dates and will 'tick-off' a competency based only on current (not expired) training records.

When a training record expires, there's no need to edit or adjust the old training record. Just add a new training record for the same competency (and same employee), and Toolbox will pickup the new expiry date automatically. The old records are maintained within Toolbox for as long as you want them.

Here's a walk-through of the process for 'Benny', who drives the forklift^.


When a record is about to expire, you will see a notification in your Worklist (in Toolbox and also via weekly email).

Benny's Forklift licence expired recently and appears in my Worklist as a training gap:


(If you look ahead, to the 26th of March at the bottom of the worklist, you'll see that Tahlia's Forklift licence will expire soon too. Better send her a reminder. )

Expired record is flagged as a gap in requirements

Looking at Benny's employee record also shows the expired Forklift licence, highlighted as a gap with red text, in the list of 'Required Records':


Add a new training record with updated details

Benny has already sent the updated licence information, so we add a new training record with the new information. Toolbox picks up the new details:


The competency gap identified on the employee view has been closed, and if I check the Worklist now, the gap will have gone.

(Benny still has a gap for Driver's Licence Class MC)

The old record is maintained

The old record is still in Toolbox and can be seen under 'All Records' for Benny:


All training records in the system can be accessed via the Training 'Records' tab. Here we searched for 'Forklift' training records and we can see Benny's old training record at the bottom and the new record at the top of the list.


^ *All names, characters, and licences portrayed in this story are fictitious. :) *

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