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6. Plan Logistics

How do you manage the flow of goods from incoming to outgoing? Think about supplier management, storage of goods, stock control, packaging and delivery.

Identify Key Suppliers

Create a database of existing suppliers and record:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Contact phone / fax / email addresses
  • Website details
  • Names and job titles of contacts

Establish a method for evaluating suppliers

Supplier evaluations are a requirement of the ISO 9001 standard – you will be required to show how these evaluations are performed.

Define warehouse safe work practices

Document the following work activities, as required:

  • manual handling
  • use of lifting equipment, chains, slings etc:
  • storage of gases, flammables
  • decanting of liquids
  • use of forklift
  • use of work platforms, ladders

Draw a floor plan of the warehouse

Provide a key to show stock locations and location of goods inwards / outwards and quarantine areas, exits, walkways, fire extinguishers etc:

Describe how stock is identified

Describe the use of:

  • Retaining identification labels from suppliers
  • Part numbers
  • Colour coding
  • ID Tags
  • Bin locations

Define how stock is controlled

  • Describe how stocktakes are managed
  • Describe how stock records are maintained – card files or using software (MYOB / MRP systems)

Describe how incoming goods are processed

  • Describe how stock is received and how records are maintained referencing Purchase Orders / Delivery Dockets / Invoices
  • Identify defined work / floor areas within the warehouse for the processing of incoming / outgoing goods
  • Explain what inspection / testing activities are performed on incoming goods

Describe how finished goods are packaged and freight arranged

  • Specify freight requirements for domestic and/or international markets
  • Describe how the design of inner/outer packaging is controlled
  • Define the design specifications for export crates /pallets / special containers
  • Specify protective packaging requirements – may be customer specific
  • Identify any market specific requirements for custom inspections, fumigation, documentation

Describe how you control customer supplied products

If required, document how you control product supplied by your customers eg. labels, raw materials, consumable items.

Describe how these products are:

  • Stored
  • Identified
  • Preserved ready for use

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