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10. Management Review

Why undertake management reviews?

a. Why undertake management reviews?

You need to ensure that the provisions of the management system and its effectiveness are reviewed. The meetings need to review current management & operational performance data and ensure that improvement opportunities have been addressed.

b. How often should we conduct management reviews?

The standard says that review meetings should be held at “planned intervals”. This can be monthly, quarterly or annually. We strongly recommend that they should be “scheduled events” in your organisations calendar and publicised well ahead of the actual meeting date.

c. Who should attend management review meetings?

These meetings should be chaired by your nominated Management Representative. Senior managers, line supervisors, compliance officers are a given. Maybe you should also extend an invitation to other “interested parties” from time to time, say, a representative from key suppliers?

d. What do we need to discuss?

The meeting agenda needs to focus on quality related activities including the on-going development of the management system.

The meetings could include a review of the following, as applicable :

  • The minutes of the previous management meetings & a review of outstanding actions from the last management meetings
  • Current organisational structure and resources
  • R & D initiatives & development projects
  • Operational performance indicators
  • Results of audits
  • Customer feedback
  • Product, process and system non-conformances
  • Status of Corrective / Preventive Actions
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Planning for training
  • Changes that could affect the system i.e. regulations or legislation

Where applicable the management meetings should review summaries of data generated such as: – graphs, bar charts, tabular summaries, etc: for any indication of a trend that may indicate deterioration or improvement of the system.

Targets for performance improvement need to be reviewed at each meeting.

e. What records are needed?

Management Review Meeting Minutes need to include details of attendees, brief notes of the discussions/review activities, including action officers and proposed action completion dates.

Output from the management meetings shall include decisions and actions related to:

  • Improvement of the business / operations
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of the overall management system – Quality + WPHS + Environmental
  • Improvement of product related to customer requirements
  • Raising of appropriate corrective / preventive actions, as required
  • Resource needs

Minutes should be posted on company notice-boards or raised at Toolbox Meetings.

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