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We already have systems in place. Why is Toolbox better ?

We already have an intranet for our policies and procedures

A company intranet gives you somewhere to store your documents, but it requires a lot of manual effort to make it work for document control. Registers have to be updated manually, and workflow is controlled by moving documents between shared drives or folders with different access permissions. Depending on how you (or your IT dept.) configure your intranet, access from branch sites or out of the office can be difficult.

Toolbox doesn’t limit where you work from – you can access your documents and data from any computer connected to the Internet at any time, 24/7/365. A simple document workflow is built-in and registers get updated automatically. You don't need IT staff for setup or backup.

With Quality Systems Toolbox you get an instantly available, secure, backed-up, fully supported and maintained system.

We already have a paper-based QMS

A paper-based system can be workable for a very small business, but it doesn't take long for a company to outgrow it. Paper-based systems are relatively inaccessible, and highly labour intensive. The 'quality and procedures manual' can often be found gathering dust on a shelf somewhere, with updates only applied in the mad rush just before audit. There's no value in that.

As soon as you have more than one office or have workers out on site, a paper-based QMS is just too hard.

Toolbox is a web-based system that integrates your QMS across your offices and sites, ensuring everyone can access the same information. It is so much easier to retrieve the information you need at the time it is needed. Auditors also appreciate this quick access to your QMS.

We have branches all over the country and the world – can we use Toolbox?


If you operate from multiple sites you’ll want to make sure that everyone has current information. With paper & spreadsheet systems it can be a huge drain on resources just to manage distribution of updated documents. Minor incidents and near misses don't always get reported because it is 'too hard'.

With Toolbox there is just one point of control. Everyone goes to the same source and with email notifications for updates, communication is easier. Bureaucracy is minimized and your system management costs go down, leading to a healthier bottom line.

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