Safety Incidents

Workers are the principle resources of any organization, and the goal of any Safety Management System is to reduce the prevalence and severity of accidents and illnesses among employees.


ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001 requires safety incidents shall be identified and adequate actions shall be planned to address these incidents and non-conformities.

What is an 'Incident' ?

It means that something went wrong and the safety was compromised - injuries and even 'near misses' should be reported and analysed.

Benefits to your business

Ensure all your stakeholders understand your commitment to OH&S. Lower insurance premiums, improved productivity and workplace morale.

A quick look at tracking a Safety Incident in Toolbox.


Workflow for dealing with Incidents

Quickly see the state of Incident, and which steps towards resolving remain to be done


Log details about the Incident

Record attributes like Severity, Injury Mechanism for later analysis and reporting.


Relate to Risks and other content

Safety is a wholistic exercise, so Toolbox makes it easy to relate Incidents to Assets, Employees, Risks and more.

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