Task Management

Define the roadmap for your project or system implementation, assign tasks to your team members and track progress

Define the roadmap for your project or system implementation

Splitting a project or systems implementation into manageable chunks is useful both up front and during a project. Up front, it provides a way to order your goals into a logical step-wise progression. During a project or implementation, it is important to be aware of where things currently stand - Toolbox provides a visual dashboard for communicating project progress with your team. Milestones also provide a measure of team satisfaction if progress is good, and a useful reminder of deadlines and goals if progress isn't so good.

Assign tasks and track their progress

Big picture goals are not achieved without attending to smaller tasks - as such, Toolbox lets you define the tasks necessary to reach your milestones. Tasks feature in the Planning module, and also throughout Toolbox's other modules - assign tasks to team members, set optional deadlines, share files and collateral, link off to related content and external resources. As tasks are completed, the milestones they are part of get progressively more "complete" and overall the project or system implementation moves forward towards completion.

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