Records Management

Schedule and collect records from audits, review meetings, inspections and field testing (and more)

Prove your systems are in-place and working - make your auditors happy

Every compliance system generates records, but keeping them in scattered locations will not please your auditor. They'll also be displeased if record keeping is patchy and irregular. Toolbox provides a module dedicated to scheduling compliance-related activities and for storing the records for later retrieval and analysis. The assigned team member will see their scheduled dates in their worklist - KPIs can be tracked, followup tasks can be assigned and costs recorded. Notifications go out automatically to inform interested parties whenever a new record isn added.

Collect field records and integrate with form builders on iOS and Android

The Records module can also function as a collector for records of any sort, not only those related to compliance. Each schedule in Toolbox gets a unique email address, so records can emailed in to Toolbox from the field or from mobile inspection apps without even logging in to Toolbox. External contractors hired for inspections or field testing can also utilize this feature. Collected records are searchable and much more manageable than keeping analog records in a folder.

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