Issues / Non-conformances

Follow a structured process for reporting issues, documenting solutions and tracking costs

Make your issues visible

When things go wrong (and they always do), you need to make sure the problem has really been solved. Not patched up for now. Not forgotten.

Handling issues informally (e.g. via email) makes it hard to see where issues are at - hard to see how many there are - hard to see that this week's problem occurred 5 times last year.

Logging non-conformances, customer complaints, audit findings, and all other issues in Toolbox gives visibility to these problems.

Guided process for resolving and documenting solutions

If you don't fix the underlying causes of issues, you'll be paying for quick fixes again and again. To really make the problem go away, you need to find real solutions and document each step towards a solution.

Toolbox has a guided process for resolving issues that leads you beyond the 'patch-up' stage. After 'containing' the problem, you're prompted to think about ways to 'prevent recurrence'. The built-in structure keeps the process on track, leading to real solutions and system improvement.

Track the costs of non-conformance

A new feature requested by several customers - tracking the on-going costs of individual issues. You will be able to track the true cost of your non-conformances with Toolbox and use this knowledge to prioritize work and process improvements.

Get the big picture

Additionally, by logging issues into Toolbox you can get the big picture on trends and problem areas within your company or organization using our automated reports and data export.

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