Training & Competencies
Delivering a quality product or service requires competent and trained employees
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"Are our employees and contractors qualified for their jobs ?"

The job of making sure all employees and contractors have the correct inductions, licenses, tickets and qualifications for their jobs is complicated.

Track and fill training gaps

Toolbox links employees to jobs, and jobs to required competencies - so missing or out-of-date records will be highlighted as gaps. Add a training record for the required competency and the training gap will be resolved. Toolbox makes training management a much simpler process.

"Where is that training record ?!"

Training records stored as photocopies in a filing cabinet aren't very accessible. Storing them as images on the fileserver is only marginally better. How can you check to make sure the driver has the right ticket for this machine, when you are already on site? How will you find out who else can operate it?

Centralize your training records

Upload all the licences and training certificates into Toolbox and make them accessible. Check inductions before you send people on site. See who has the right qualifications to fill in for a sick worker. No paperchase required - just look in Toolbox.

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