Risk Management
Manage your risk profile and integrate risk into your management systems
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"How do we manage risk ?"

Managing risks is something we all do instinctively every day, but for a business or project a more formal and integrated approach is required.

Build a risk register in Toolbox

Toolbox lets you catalog risks and define a control strategy and a residual risk for each - risks with higher residual risk require attention and more followup work, so mitigation tasks can be assigned and tracked. Related system content and activities, including non-conformances, procedures and schedules can link back to risks for reference - thereby increasing risk awareness and integrating risk throughout your business management systems.

"How we quantify risk ?"

Toolbox follows a standardized risk assessment approach using a matrix to quantify your risks before and after your control strategies have been implemented. The risk matrix, which can be customized to suit your business, allows you to rate a risk on the basis of likelihood and severity of consequences. Control strategies are also customizable.

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