Issues / Non-conformances
Things occasionally go wrong - but you can turn this into an opportunity to improve your business
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"Something went wrong - what now ?"

Ignoring or avoiding issues makes it hard to see the real problems in your business, how many there are, where they are concentrated or if they have occurred in the past.

Step 1 - Make your issues visible

Logging non-conformances, customer complaints, audit findings and all other issues in Toolbox gives visibility to these problems and awareness to your team of the problem for the future.

"How should we resolve issues ?"

Don't just patch it up quietly....

Step 2 - A guided process for resolution

If you don't fix the underlying causes of issues, you'll be paying for quick fixes again and again. Toolbox provides a guided workflow for resolving issues and documenting the solution for the future.

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"Ok, where are the problem areas in our business ?"

Now that you are reporting issues and documenting their resolution you can get the big picture on trends and problem areas.

Step 3 - Report and analyse for trends

Toolbox tracks issues by type, subtype, assignee and more - costs can also be tracked for each issue and collated to highlight where you are losing money. Export data for further analysis and graphing.

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