Document Control
Documents are an important store of company knowledge and value - make this knowledge centralized and accessible
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"Where is that document ?!"

Storing your documents in shared network folders, filing cabinets and email attachments is a sure way to waste you and your team's time.

Time is Money - CENTRALIZE !

Toolbox can store any type of document and make it available and findable to your team across any number of company sites.

"Is it the latest updated version ?"

For organizations of any size, maintaining updated documents and keeping them current can often be a struggle. The deadline for a tender proposal is not the time to discover your docs are out of date.

Version control to the rescue

Toolbox has a Draft - Review - Released workflow, a way to schedule periodic reviews and updates, and a subscription system to keep all parties up to date of changes.

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"How do we capture our corporate knowledge?"

Studies have shown the majority of company data and knowledge is typically unstructured and in many cases not written down - which means it could potentially walk out the door with any of your employees.

Capture the core knowledge and value of your business

Toolbox captures and structures the valuable knowledge stored within your company, including processes, policies and procedures - and prevents it from "walking out the door".

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