Document Control

Document what it is your company does, and how it does it - make this knowledge centralized and accessible

Centralized and structured knowledge

Studies have shown the majority of company data and knowledge is typically unstructured - i.e. stored as files on servers and in email attachments, and also as completely undocumented employee knowledge. Documenting your core business processes - i.e. what it is that your company does, and how it does it - is a key part of adding permanent value to your company and improving productivity and efficiency.

Toolbox captures and structures the valuable knowledge stored within your company, including processes, policies and procedures.

Addressing Compliance Requirements

But it's not as simple as storing your documents in a file server or directory - compliance standards typical require additional technical overheads and tracking activities. You generally need to control who edits your documents and to also provide a record of all changes.

Toolbox addresses compliance requirements such as document change tracking, versioning and release workflow that cannot be easily achieved through conventional paper or file-based systems.

Finding the right document

Most businesses report they have years of content spread across the organisation and in many different repositories. This makes it just about impossible for workers to find the content they are looking for when they need it. And most typical document repositories (such as the common file server) are sprawling and badly organised, making it hard to find the latest version of important documents when needed.

Toolbox makes it easy to find the right document via powerful search tools.


Given so many of us now use smartphones and tablets, it should be no surprise that mobile access should be cited as one of the major pain points relating to documents. Nearly two thirds of workers surveyed cited poor user experience, difficulty in accessing documents when mobile as a significant challenge.

Toolbox is a central web-accessible platform for document management - access it from any device, at any time, from anywhere.

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