Asset Management

Catalog your physical assets and manage scheduling, maintenance, calibration, inspections, testing and tagging

Track your physical assets

Maintaining an asset register in a spreadsheet is hard work and it only has part of the story. Where do you put all of the extra information such as service history, calibration and testing records? Are you tracking costs of maintenance and repair?

Toolbox is the place to build your Asset Register and store all of their associated records. Document equipment details like load limits & capacity, serial numbers, etc..... Store associated information like plant & vehicle registrations, user manuals, calibration certificates, information on upgrades, repairs and costs.

Schedule maintenance, calibration, inspections & more

To keep your plant and equipment in working order, you'll need to keep up with regular maintenance. Measuring equipment needs regular calibration. Field equipment needs periodic testing and tagging for safety and compliance.

Toolbox allows multiple schedules per asset to and storage of all associated records and certificates. Regular attention paid to your assets helps to minimize unscheduled breakdowns, maintenance and recalls and rework due to faulty or uncalibrated equipment.

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