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4. Managing people, competencies, and training needs.

Identify the core competencies required by your business

Many small to medium organisations have never formally addressed this simple task and it always amazes me why this is so!

A competency is a skill or a qualification.

A licence, certificate, or ‘ticket’ can be considered a competency.

Identify the competencies held by your employees

A review of existing employee records should enable you to identify the specific competencies held by individuals within your organisation. You should begin to collect this information from your employees if you don’t have it in your records.

Identify Training Needs

This process, sometimes called a “training needs analysis” will allow you to identify any “gaps” or “training needs” within your organisation and will allow you to prepare a training plan.

E.g., you may have identified that your organisation needs a “licensed forklift driver” and a review of your training records reveals that currently nobody in your organisation has this competency. To fill the ‘gap’ identified you will need to make a plan for training an existing employee, or to recruit a suitably qualified Forklift Driver.

Review Job Descriptions

A Job Description contains information about the roles and responsibilities of the Job and provides information on any educational requirements or particular skills / competencies that are required to successfully undertake that role.

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