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  • Free evaluation period for 15 days
  • Full access to *all* of our modules and features
  • No user limits
  • No obligation / no credit card required

Frequently-asked questions

Do I need a credit card to sign up ?

No. Projects in Toolbox start with a 15 day free trial period. You'll only need a credit card when you want to continue your Project beyond the trial.

How long will it take to get started ?

It's almost instant. Just register for a free Toolbox account and and then add a Project. That's it.

Can I access all the modules or only the base plan during the trial period ?

You can access all the modules and features of Toolbox during your trial.

How is pricing calculated for Toolbox ?

Common questions about Pricing and Billing are answered here.

Can I share my trial project with my team ?

Yes! Invite as many people as you want to. They'll need to register their own Toolbox account in order to access your Project.

I got too busy and wasn't able to explore Toolbox. Can I extend my trial ?

Sure! Just create a new Project.

If you've already invested a lot of time & resources into an existing trial project and just need a little bit more time to evaluate it, please get in touch with us to arrange an extension.

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