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Two New Reports for QST
Posted on August 14th, 2012

We've recently added a couple of new reports to QSToolbox - one in assets and one in issues.

The new “Asset Schedules” report shows your assets, all schedules they have, and for each schedule the report shows the last record date and the next due date. The assets shown in the report can be filtered by search options to a subset of your assets.

The new report makes it easy to check whether you have set up schedules correctly for your assets, and whether they are on track.

It was developed after discussions with one of our clients, who needs the summary for tender submissions.

The new “Issues Progress” report is an activity report for what’s been happening in the issue tracker. You’ll see all issues that have had a response added in the last 60 days, along with the date and text of the last response.

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