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Siganto Air Service & Solutions chooses Quality Systems Toolbox to maintain ISO 9001 accreditation
Posted on August 13th, 2012

Australian companies seeking to manage their quality system and focus their organisations quality improvement efforts, are finding that the web-based Quality Systems Toolbox provides them with a solution that eliminates most of the paper shuffling associated with the more traditional paper-based quality systems.

Greg Kimmins, Quality Officer for Siganto Air Service & Solutions Pty Ltd, explained that prior to implementing Quality Systems Toolbox it was very difficult for their many technicians to be updated with changes made to documentation. As the technicians were away from base most of the day, communications, other than by mobile telephone, proved time consuming.

Now, Greg explains, they can access the quality system via the web and receive system notifications / document changes immediately. Reporting, resolving and tracking corrective actions is a whole lot quicker too, says Greg. With less paperwork, the technicians are more productive.

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