Quality Toolboxhttp://www.qualitysystems.com/blogQuality Toolbox blog about ISO9001 and Qualityen-USA Quality System Must Also Cover Safety ObligationsFri, 03 May 2019 00:00:00 GMTFulfilling safety responsibilities is part of your quality management system - as legal and regulatory requirements.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/safety-in-a-qmsRoles and Responsibilities of Top Management in the QMSFri, 18 May 2018 00:00:00 GMTISO 9001 specifies responsibilities for top management in the quality management system.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/roles-responsibilitiesEmergency Response PlansFri, 01 Sep 2017 00:00:00 GMTEmergency Response Plans are a requirement for all Australian businesses. It's more than just an evacuation plan. So what's in one?http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/emergency-response-planTip for business growth? - Systems!Thu, 17 Aug 2017 00:00:00 GMTBusiness Victoria says that Systems are a key step for business growthhttp://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/systems-for-business-growthSwitch to Draw.io for Process Maps in QSTSat, 08 Oct 2016 00:00:00 GMTGliffy recently announced they will turn off the API we use to provide Process Map drawing functionality in QST. We've now found a replacement service and will be migrating all Process Maps to Draw.io over the next 10 days.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/switch-to-draw-io-for-process-maps-in-qstFull Cycle of Risk ManagementFri, 19 Feb 2016 00:38:15 GMTIt's not just assessments!http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/full-cycle-of-risk-managementHow to audit a Workplace Health and Safety SystemMon, 08 Feb 2016 04:10:38 GMTWhat are the kinds of evidence to look for? What's expected to be in place?http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/how-to-audit-a-workplace-health-and-safety-systemDocumented Information for ISO9001:2015Thu, 05 Nov 2015 02:14:52 GMTIn the 2015 release of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, references to 'documents' and 'records' have now been replaced by "documented information". Requirements have also changed.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/documented-information-for-iso9001-2015Keeping Track of CredentialsWed, 07 Oct 2015 02:06:46 GMTUnder the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, it's recognised that safety and quality of care will be at risk if the workforce does not have the appropriate level of skill or experience. While this is equally true for the safety and quality of service in any other industry, the detail required and the risks involved make tracking credentials one of the most difficult parts of HR management in healthcare.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/keeping-track-of-credentialsSafety Management Systems - FSC Auditing GuideMon, 28 Sep 2015 03:57:40 GMTThe Australian Government publishes a plain english guide to the auditing criteria for the "FSC Safety Scheme for Government Construction Projects". It's a useful resource for other safety systems too.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/safety-management-systems-fsc-auditing-guideISO 9001:2015 released!Thu, 24 Sep 2015 06:04:13 GMTThe updated quality management standard - ISO 9001:2015 - has now been published and is available in the ISO store.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/iso-9001-2015-releasedWinds of Change in HealthcareMon, 07 Sep 2015 22:40:40 GMTWith the imminent release of the next ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard, as well as a new draft of the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards (NSQHSS) and a review of the Credentialing/Scope of Clinical Practice Standard, there are big changes coming for health practitioners in Australia.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/winds-of-change-in-healthcareEnvironmental Impacts - Process Flow DiagramTue, 14 Jul 2015 12:10:17 GMTUsed to analyse Environmental Aspects and impacts, and to look at how different activities influence those impacts. This will help set the direction for developing measurements and then targets/ objectives for reducing your environmental impacts.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/environmental-impacts-process-flow-diagramMajor vs. Minor NonconformityWed, 06 May 2015 08:56:45 GMTAlthough the standard does not make this distinction, many businesses choose to handle minor and major nonconformities differently. This approach helps make sure resources are directed appropriately. However, you can't simply decide to ignore minor problems. Many small issues add up to a major problem.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/major-vs-minor-nonconformityManaging Assets - What to include?Mon, 04 May 2015 13:38:48 GMTIn order to maintain the quality of your product or service, you need to look after the equipment that helps you provide it!http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/managing-assets-what-to-includeLegal and Regulatory RequirementsMon, 02 Mar 2015 07:08:49 GMTThe quality management standard states that you have to ensure your product or service meets both customer and legal requirements. To keep all the 'red tape' under control, you'll need a system.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/legal-and-regulatory-requirementsLegislation regarding Hearing TestsTue, 06 Jan 2015 14:53:57 GMTBusinesses have a duty of care to their workers and are required to manage risks to health and safety, including 'Managing Risk of Hearing Loss from Noise' contained in the 'Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011'http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/legislation-regarding-hearing-testsNew Year's Resolutions and a Lean QMSMon, 05 Jan 2015 16:29:35 GMTWhile the popular press is awash with various weight loss strategies for achieving a common personal New Year's resolution, you might like to try the business version - reducing waste (rather than 'waist') to become more "Lean".http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/new-year-s-resolutions-and-a-lean-qmsConstruction Prequalification - PQCTue, 25 Nov 2014 15:09:53 GMTAustralia has state-based as well as national prequalification schemes for government construction work tenders. Pre-qualification schemes are also used in the UK for government procurement.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/construction-prequalification-pqcTime to Review your Policies?Thu, 13 Nov 2014 10:47:50 GMTWhich documents should be reviewed regularly? Are there any that don't need it? How can you manage periodic reviews for important documents with QSToolbox?http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/time-to-review-your-policiesInspection and Test PlansTue, 04 Nov 2014 15:32:40 GMTInspection and Test Plans set out critical control points or 'hold points' where you will conduct an inspection or check in order to verify that things are progressing as they should be. For ISO 9001, it's part of Monitoring and Measurement.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/inspection-and-test-plansManagement Representative for ISO 9001 - ResponsibilitiesWed, 24 Sep 2014 22:01:19 GMTTaking on the role of Management Rep? What's required? What is expected? Here's a list of responsibilities that you might see in the description for the role of Quality System "Management Representative"http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/management-representative-for-iso-9001-responsibilitiesWorkplace Health and Safety Inspections in QSToolboxWed, 10 Sep 2014 13:14:27 GMTManage your workplace inspections, insurance renewals, etc using QSToolbox.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/workplace-health-and-safety-inspections-in-qstoolboxAvoiding written procedures.Wed, 05 Mar 2014 13:49:31 GMTIf a picture tells a thousand words, can you use one instead of words for procedures and work instructions? What about videos? Have a look at how to include this kind of "non-written" documentation in QSToolbox in a way that's best for mobile users.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/avoiding-written-proceduresCrazy file folder structuresWed, 29 Jan 2014 08:57:11 GMTCompliance management systems that store documents and records on paper and on servers managed by in-house IT, all have the same "pain" points when the company outgrows their management system.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/crazy-file-folder-structuresTesting and Tagging - Managing Schedules and RecordsThu, 12 Sep 2013 04:25:19 GMTGetting a headache just thinking about managing all those test and tagging schedules and records? Take a look at our latest support page with tips on how to reduce the record keeping workload while still maintaining accurate and useful records.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/testing-and-tagging-managing-schedules-and-recordsRevision Number, Revision Date or Both?Fri, 03 May 2013 00:50:30 GMTUsing revision dates and revision numbers are both common document control methods for identifying the current version of the document. Some companies use both dates and numbers. What is actually required?http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/revision-number-revision-date-or-bothForms and RecordsThu, 14 Mar 2013 03:24:12 GMTWhen is a form a controlled document and when is it a record?http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/forms-and-recordsDon't Look for a Needle in a Haystack, *Search* for It!Wed, 07 Nov 2012 05:52:24 GMTRather than trying to navigate down multi-level hierarchical folder systems (only to find you’ve taken the wrong path), use the search capabilities built into QSToolbox.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/don-t-look-for-a-needle-in-a-haystack-search-for-itManaging Calibration with QSToolboxFri, 02 Nov 2012 03:39:43 GMTHave a look at a worked example of managing calibration of measuring and test equipment using QSToolbox - a recent addition to our support resources.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/managing-calibration-with-qstoolboxDo you sign your calibration certificates?Fri, 14 Sep 2012 03:59:22 GMTIan shares a recent experience of explaining calibration management to a clienthttp://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/do-you-sign-your-calibration-certificatesTraining a workforce for manufacturingTue, 14 Aug 2012 05:53:58 GMTCould this scheme provide a template for our mining companies to follow here in Australia?http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/training-a-workforce-for-manufacturingEnvironmental management tool from ISOTue, 14 Aug 2012 05:49:00 GMTImprove environmental and financial performance simultaneously? YES! The new ISO standard on Environmental Management Accounting (EMA) shows how.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/environmental-management-tool-from-isoCase study about the benefits of quality accreditationTue, 14 Aug 2012 05:47:15 GMTTake a look at a case study from the JAS-ANZ database, detailing everything you need to know such as implemention and challenges of a quality management system to the ISO9001 standard...http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/case-study-about-the-benefits-of-quality-accreditationA new ISO standard ensuring a quality cup of coffeeTue, 14 Aug 2012 05:46:26 GMTAn interesting article on the International Organization for Standardization website, proving the versatility of ISO standards. Here we see how an ISO standard is applied to avoid incorrect declarations about the quality of soluble instant coffee products.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/a-new-iso-standard-ensuring-a-quality-cup-of-coffeeTips on how you achieve 100% on-time delivery as a quality objectiveTue, 14 Aug 2012 05:44:37 GMTFound this interesting article in Quality Digest about how one US manufacturer used LEAN techniques and self-directed work teams to drive productivity improvements and quarantee 100% on-time deliveries.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/tips-on-how-you-achieve-100-on-time-delivery-as-a-quality-objectiveISO 9001 Proven to Help Win New BusinessTue, 14 Aug 2012 05:39:08 GMTrecent survey in the UK that provides data indicating how ISO9001 has helped business win more workhttp://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/iso-9001-proven-to-help-win-new-businessManaging Documents with Expiry DatesTue, 14 Aug 2012 05:35:20 GMTA look at how to keep track of expiry dates using Quality Systems Toolbox.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/managing-documents-with-expiry-datesFree Safety Assessment Tool from WHSQTue, 14 Aug 2012 05:33:37 GMTWorkplace Health and Safety Queensland has released an online safety benchmarking tool.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/free-safety-assessment-tool-from-whsqChanges to Work Health and Safety laws in AustraliaTue, 14 Aug 2012 05:31:33 GMTHarmonisation of WHS laws in Australia will commence on 1 Jan 2012, making OHS easier for companies operating in multiple states.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/changes-to-work-health-and-safety-laws-in-australiaStress free internal audits?Tue, 14 Aug 2012 04:32:26 GMTTips and tricks for stress free internal quality system auditshttp://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/stress-free-internal-auditsFollow the Customer Order to QualityTue, 14 Aug 2012 04:30:00 GMTWhen implementing a new ISO9001 Quality Management System, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin. A common question is 'which procedures do I need to document?". Here's a way to help you find out which procedures your company needs to control to ensure quality, and how much to document.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/follow-the-customer-order-to-qualityKick start your ISO 9001 quality systemTue, 14 Aug 2012 04:15:29 GMTISO 9001 has a real impact on the on-going development and success of your organisation when all employees participate in the quality system. Find out how to get moving.http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/kick-start-your-iso-9001-quality-systemWhy use a web-based quality system?Mon, 13 Aug 2012 06:08:32 GMTMy observation is that small / medium companies across Australia struggle to maintain paper-based quality systems. Are web-based quality systems a viable option?http://www.qualitysystems.com/blog/why-use-a-web-based-quality-system