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Planned removal of External Editor functionality
Posted on October 23rd, 2012

Announcing the planned removal of the External Editor function from the Document Manager in Quality Systems Toolbox on or shortly after *November 6th, 2012*

We are planning to remove the External Editor function from QST. This is an undocumented feature of the Document Manager that was introduced in a very early version of QST – it provided some useful functionality that simplified the process of editing Word and other documents, basically automating the process of downloading and uploading documents between local workstations and QST servers. This functionality relied critically on the installation of 3rd-party desktop extensions that were difficult to install and hard to configure. Additionally, these extensions are no longer actively maintained and bugs and incompatibilities have crept in – indeed recent tests have shown that External Editor is incompatible with recent versions of Microsoft Windows.

Which leads us to the decision to remove this function from QST sometime on or shortly after November 6th, 2012. The support documentation located here /support/pages/edit-a-document describes the current best practice for editing Documents and Pages.

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